Sofi Héderváry


Valdis is the reaper of heroes. Despite her young appearance she in centuries old. Valdis is fun loving and kind reaper who if usually very open about her feelings. 
She is very loyal to those she cares about. Valdis works at at being a reaper and being as accommodating as she can for those she comes to collect.
One of Valdis' most bride possessions is a sword she got from a warrior she collected. 
Favorite Movie: Princess Bride.
Hobby: Being a Foodie. Sword fighting. 

Pax is a reaper charged with helping the souls of the recently dead move on. After centuries of doing that he's started to lose his drive. 
He is forced to become human to better understand those he collects.
Soon he finds himself in something much bigger. With life on the line he has to see if he has what it takes to save a life for once.
Pax is very introspective and critical thinker about the world around him. He can often be a little dry but that hides a caring personality. 
Favorite Movie: Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin.)
Hobby: People Watching.

Life and Death and the quite literally life and death. They are aspects of the universe that have existed since the dawn of the universe. Their main duty is keeping the universe balanced and managing the the living and the dead.

They are an example of opposites attract, despite being polar opposites they are happily married and have been so for as long as the stars have shined.They have two children together, Veri and Limerence.

They take on which ever form they wish or feel is needed to the situation but usually tending to favor a standard form.

Death often appears as a pale young woman in gothic style clothing.She has tendency to be sarcastic but it doesn't hide her caring personality. She created the reaper to help the dead get ready to meet her. Those close to her call her Deatz, a nick name thought up by Life.

Life appears as wild young man with a coat made out of the Aurora Borealis.  Life is a passionate person often doing whatever he likes on a whim or he thinks is fun or exciting. Though he's usually very nice he is not someone you wish to anger. Life is very devoted and loving towards his family.


Sofi Héderváry is a young woman with a strange ability. This ability allows her to see the reaper in their true forms along with seeing past illusions and seeing the supernatural when no one else can. That fact has made her a target for some unsavory groups.

She's lived a nomadic life most of her days, starting our constantly moving until her parents passed away and then joining a traveling circus. One day a magician came for her and she was forced to flee. She runs into Pax and their adventure begins. Now she has a chance to discover the source of her powers and the truth about the world.