"Yeah, I don't smile in pictures. They always look weird when I try to."

The Author

This symbol is used by Navi to mark his works. Does it mean something? Maybe. I'm not sure Ivan knows.

Ivan Navi

Born: June 30th 1989.

Favorite Color: Blue.

Favorite Number: 8

Ivan Navi currently lives in Southern California. Went to CSUN to study writing. He likes to think of himself as a story teller instead of an actual writer because he doesn't have a lot of faith in his own grammar. 

Since an early age he has been interested in legends and mythology from all around the world. His interests also include the supernatural and paranormal. 

He tends to prefer classic rock and older classical literature. He claims it's just that he's an old soul, he might just be pretentious.

He's pretty open about being a geek. He enjoys science fiction and fantasy works. He also enjoys reading manga and watching anime.

He ends up spending way too much time online. Which isn't a bad thing but he does tend to neglect doing thing he's suppose to do because of it.   

Ivan can be pretty strange at time, he shrugs off his own little quirks not really caring what other think of him. 

Often thought up to be a little weird and smart as a child he dove into the world of books. Literature turned out to be a great outlet for him better see the world. Eventually this love of the written word inspired him to share his own stories with the world.
Influenced by Japanese Light novels he decided to write one himself.

One of these odd traits includes an odd symbol he plasters on anything he works on.  He claims it brings good luck and dispels misfortune. It's hard to say if any of that is true but it's clear that it still has a lot of meaning.